Our mission has always been to help the most urgent of the homeless pets in palm beach county . We pull from the county shelter , we take in strays as space permits so they avoid the county shelter completely and we take owner surrenders from palm beach county . While we have made a handful of exceptions over the past years , to help our neighboring counties , we stay true to the mission . The 3 of us have , and will continue to, save as many homeless pets of Palm Beach County as we have the space and minutes for . Sick, injured, senior , the ones who have been let down , abused and neglected . This also includes farm animals , of which we have rescued hundreds. Each sacrifice, blood , sweat and tear are worth it ! For them !
We cannot do it alone and we thank each and every single one of you who help us along this incredible and fulfilling journey of saving precious lives ! 💕🐾


thank you Palm Beach Shelter Pet Project and for all you do to help the county shelter  pets