Help us to Save as Many Lives as Possible!

Barky Pines is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which means that we do not profit from helping these animals, we do it because we love it and are extremely passionate about it! Donations help us to buy essential items for our animals and to ensure that they receive the best care that we, and our vets, can possibly give them.

keeping pets at home where they belong .

We know the best place for a pet is home with their loves ones. Finances can stand in the way but we Stevie to change that!  By offering low cost and free veterinary service, we have been able to keep nearly 4,000 pets at home!

We thank you #ItTakesAVillage

Pup treatment and care sponsorship in the form of recurring donations are available and are invoiced via PayPal

Your Monthly gift helps to cover

$10.00 – Tortoise greens for the week
$15.00 – Chicken feed for 1 week
$20.00 – Heartworm Prevention 1 sm pup
$25.00 – Puppy food for one week
$30.00 – Heartworm  prevention 1 Lg pup
$50.00 – New Pup Vet Visit
$75.00 – Dewormer for a month
$100.00 – Neuter  for 1 pup
$150.00 – Spay for 1 pup

*Your privacy is important to us. No Donor/ Sponsor information will be posted, shared, sold, or used in any way that would allow another party access to their information. Unless we are notified by you that you would like us to mention you or your company, or place the name on any vehicle, website, advertisement or event, it will not be posted or placed.
Thank you!