Early 2022 Barky Pines opened our low cost veterinary clinic. This was something we wanted to do for some time and were working on obtaining financing. We decided in late 2021 not to wait, and began outfitting the Barky Bus to convert into the clinic. Through generous benefactors, we were able to purchase state of the art equipment to provide services to the community.

Since then we were ablet o obtain grants to provide FREE spay and neuter on ” pit bull” type and chihuahua breeds. These breeds are the most overbred and fill shelters not only in PBC and Florida, but throughout the country.  By offering this service, we hope to make a positive impact on the breed and shelters for the future.

We offer low cost spay and neuter, vaccines, x-ray, dentals, blood work and ultrasound services, for those in the community in need. We hope this will help our neighbors and keep more dogs and cats at home with their families where they belong.

We also signed on with Palm Beach County to provide FREE TNVR services for community cats. Making a difference in their lives, and an effort to reduce the number of these homeless cats. Going above and beyond, Dr. Ramsey also provides these cats with a full exam, ear cleaning, flea meds and more. Sending them back out with the best chances possible.

Clinic days for surgery,  for the public and rescues, is Sunday and Tuesday.

Please EMAIL clinic@barkypines.org with your full name, address and phone as well as your pet’s name, age, breed and what services they need. Let us know what day of the week you prefer.

We are seeking a vet to come in once a week for exams only, as it’s impossible to predict when surgeries are complete to make the appointments afterward. Stay tuned 🙂

Unfortunately we had to close the online pharmacy as someone made an over the counter purchase and then claimed fraud! He got his food, and we are out the funds. We cannot afford to loose money when we are doing all we can to raise money to help peoples pets.