Adopt A Block

6521 Carol st loxahatchee fl 33470 (click for map)

Event Details

We have been working diligently to mitigate for the annual flooding we have been experiencing here at the farm . We have also been working with local government and water management districts on this issue and hope an understanding as been reached.

We had hoped to have this certainty prior to building , but our hand is being forced . The time has come for us to create a  hurricane safe structure for the urgent pups we rescue from our county shelter and the caretakers at the rescue .

The three of us have given and dedicated our lives to our mission -to rescue the urgent animals of our county . We are second only to arl when it comes to the numbers , making an impact in our community.

now must ask for help from you!  We are trying to gather as much of the building materials as we possibly can . We have nearly completed the raised dirt pad – prior to the last flood. This is good as it gave the dirt the time it needed to settle , which will help prevent slab cracking later . We did use a good portion of the fill during our mitigation .  With a bit more excavation, that can be completed . Then the plumbing and slab will be next . We are raffling off our own classic vehicle for that portion . We hope to get as much completed as possible for the shell of the building before we have to get a loan to complete it . This will help us to keep the monthly costs in control , keep the farm  sustainable in the long term  .

Along with the Adopt A Block event , we  are also seeking  corporate like kind sponsorship. The efforts of the Corporations who assist us will be shared on our site , social media and at events . Along with sponsor signs at the farm . The fact that you will be assisting us to save so many lives in the future will not go unnoticed ! Please contact us for additional details if you can help.