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Best Of Palm Beach County 2021

What an honor to have been chosen as a finalist for Best Non-Profit and Best Green Business for Palm Beach Post Best of 2021

Our gratitude to all those who nominated and voted for us. For a very small and fairly young, organization, we are once again humbled and honored to be amongst such amazing organizations. Thank you so much!





We were thrilled and humbled to not only be nominated for The Best Of Palm Beach County 2020 , but to be a finalist!   It was all thanks to you , the loyal supporters of our mission. We couldn’t be more grateful to each and every one of you ! So many more people are now aware of our critical mission to save the homeless animals in Palm Beach County

Its that time of year again!

Please nominate , then vote for Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary for

The Best of Palm Beach County 2021


Thank you !

Hats off 2020

We are Honored and Humbled to have been nominated for the 2020  Hats Off Non Profit Awards  , amongst all the non profits of Palm Beach County. Thank you @NonProfitsFirst  !

Our mission, to serve the homeless pets of Palm Beach County, is critical to end the plight of homeless animals in our county. Working closely with our municipal shelter, we save as many lives  from there as we can house and care for. We have been the second largest puller  of urgent animals since our inception. Now that Elizabeth is  a volunteer District Leader with the Humane Society of the United States,   our  voice for homeless animals  will be even louder!

Raising awareness of our mission is critical for its advancement and growth to save even more homeless animals.


Thank you for our nomination!

Awards will be announced December 8,  Please wish us luck !

Downers Park Dog Park Grand Opening

At the end of last year, I received a call from Tim Wojnar, ITID Parks Dept., asking for my input on a new dog park they wanted to create. What an honor. What a great asset to our community. For those who do not have fenced yards, those who have well-behaved dogs that love to be social, this is a blessing!

We met after the new year and discussed safety and other concerns. We shared ideas of play areas that would be in keeping with the small budget. We then offered, that we would ” adopt the park “. We will hold periodic events, bringing volunteers to tidy the park, check for maintenance and safety issues, dog adoption events, etc. throughout the year.

We are proudly cutting the ribbon on November 21, 2015. We look forward to assisting and seeing the additions that will become available with each new budget year!


In Honor of Brittany

May 2015- A tragic car accident occurred, our neighbor, a young woman respected by her peers, gone too soon. We wanted to help in some small way, to show we care, and during a planned fundraiser for ourselves, we changed course and helped our community.


Pet Oxygen Masks for Palm Beach County

April 2014 – While watching the news, a story about pet oxygen masks being donated to Riviera Beach Fire dept. was being aired.

I wondered, do our local emergency vehicles have those on board? After making several calls, I was put in touch with Chief Arena. He advised me No ! only 2 units, and they were out of date. ! I requested and received a list of every emergency first responder vehicle in the acreage / Loxahatchee area and through a local Facebookk group I was a part of, I created a fund. The generous people in our community donated enough money for us to purchase a mask kit for EVERY emergency vehicle and the back up stations that assist us . A very proud accomplishment , as they have already saved several precious lives. You can see the WPTV” News story link below