Best of Palm Beach 2020

We are humbled  to be nominated as one of the best non profits in palm beach county . To be noted among the best is  such an honor for  our little rescue. We are beyond grateful for those who nominated us and to all those who are voting . We are amongst great company  thank

Rustle and His Kitten

Two Animal Friends Bond and Learn To Love Again After Overcoming Abuse and Abandonment

Pets Here On Stray Hold

On occasion, lost pets may find themselves doing their stray hold here , rather than at the county shelter. Those pets are shown here , and if you see your pet, please CALL US IMMEDIATELY. Stray hold is 5 days , and we want every lost pet to find their loving family. If your pet

Downers Park Dog Park Grand Opening

At the end of last year, I received a call from Tim Wojnar, ITID Parks Dept., asking for my input on a new dog park they wanted to create. What an honor. What a great asset to our community. For those who do not have fenced yards, those who have well-behaved dogs that love to

In Honor of Brittany

May 2015- A tragic car accident occurred, our neighbor, a young woman respected by her peers, gone too soon. We wanted to help in some small way, to show we care, and during a planned fundraiser for ourselves, we changed course and helped our community.

ALA Meeting // See Something Say Something.

Shortly after leaving as administrator of a local lost and found pets group (I ran for nearly two years with its founder) I was asked to speak by the board, I discussed county ordinance 98-22 regarding animal care and laws with our community, including See Something Say Something.

Community Microchip Scanner

October 2014 – Stray pups in our community often find their way to our Fire Station 26. They graciously held pups until owners could be found, and I was happy to provide them a crate. One pup, I went to scan, he was microchipped! He was reunited with a very happy family. I thought wouldn’t

Lost and Found Pet Signs

May 2014 – As we all know, there are many pets that become lost, for many reasons, every day. In an effort to help, having key locations throughout the community to post flyers on, could be essential, and will keep the community tidy as well. I reached out to the community for sign donations, and

Phantom – Lost Dog

May 2014 – Lost for several months, presumed stolen, this pup was shared and searched for, following every lead. One day, he was spotted on pbacc website as found and brought in. His owners were out of state on a family emergency. Together, we went and collected him and held him, as his family frantically

Pet Oxygen Masks for Palm Beach County

April 2014 – While watching the news, a story about pet oxygen masks being donated to Riviera Beach Fire dept. was being aired. I wondered, do our local emergency vehicles have those on board? After making several calls, I was put in touch with Chief Arena. He advised me No ! only 2 units, and