A year and a half ago we received a call from a veterinarian about Fabio and Buddy. Their mom passed away and it was her wish for them to stay together in sanctuary. Although we were not equipped for horses, we said yes, and quickly got to work building stalls form the boys.

While the stalls are functional, they are not very protective for them, especially during hurricane season.

We received a $10,000 grant to begin the build of a concrete barn for them. Then a gift of 30,000 came in and we were able to move forward. What a Blessing for the horses and some other farm animals in the event we have a storm come through!

We also added a new room for Astro, a now 4 year old hound we rescued as a puppy. Astro has a neurological disorder and needs special accommodations. Which we are happy we can now provide the best for this sweet boy!

We anticipate completion early July 2021