We are beginning a medical suite with additional animal housing!

This structure will not only save  tens of thousands of dollars a year by having our vets come to us, but will be able to serve the underserved of our community with low cost, or free, services. Keeping more pets in their homes and not in need of rescue.

In addition, we will be able to house dozens more homeless pets at any given time , and give us the ability to rescue hundreds more annually.

Any assistance, either monetary or like kind is greatly appreciated. !

In the meantime, the bus is up and running as a clinic providing assistance to Palm Beach County residents , feral cats and non profits!   Two feral cats can create over 300,000 cats in just 4 years time. There are not enough humans to care for the exorbitant  amount of cats we have now. We have agreed to take on a large portion of the medical service for the western communities. Together with the county, we will do 20 per week once they draft the agreement. As we can add more vets/ days , we will do more. For now, we are doing our best to obtain grants to offer free and low cost services to Palm Beach County residents.