Adopt A Block

While caring for all of the  rescued animals , we have spent the last Two years of preparing the land, mitigating flooding issues , and putting up small buildings to house the animals.   We  came to this  “private”  farming community so we could save more lives.  We don’t have trash pick up here , and our mail comes only to the corner . No one grades our “road” which is technically an easement, and  we don’t even have a street sign ! Fire and police cant always get here and forget an ambulance getting down the road, we have to rely on trauma hawk having space to land !  None of it mattered to us  ! We have a mission ! TO GROW  BARKY PINES AND SAVE MORE LIVES!

Although  are many acres away from our nearest neighbor,  one takes issue that we stay here with the animals and don’t yet have a house built . We don’t mind it , yet they do ! ?!

Their persistent complaints to the county have now forced us to build caretaker quarters (of course we have incorporated 1/3 of the structure  to strictly house the animals, in addition to those who need to stay in  with us – and yeah sleep in our beds 🙂

Since we dedicate our lives to the animals, it leaves little time for our mom and pop small business, which is how us humans eat and survive .. We don’t need much – we have what we need. This also makes it difficult to get the building loan we need. We are trying our best to have materials and trades donated to save on upfront and future costs . Every “block” spoken for gets us one step closer to a  hurricane and flood safe structure for us 3 and the animals. Never will we have to evacuate them again ! Never will we have to fear for their safety !

We have given up what most take for granted , and have done so willingly to save lives. Can you help us reach our goal ? 


Goal: 100,000
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