Tony & Sherry Male

Breed : Chihuahua mix
Age : 3

Sherry and Tony  are bonded and should remain together . Both dislike thunder. Medically they are great , but tony dislikes the vet and having a mani pedi.
Tony likes to drag his bed around and sleep under it.  He will steal Sherrys things when he get the opportunity. Sherry now likes to snuggle on the sofa with their foster mom.


Tony is an adorable little 3 year old chihuahua mix

he gets along well with other dogs but typically prefers one person.  But tony adores Sherry ! They have developed quite the bond and each helping each other be happy and trust people . Tony and sherry will do best together in a fairly quiet home life. Tony can be nippy around a stranger he doesn’t like.

Sherry is a 4 year old girl who had a family but her and her fur siblings  were  not loved. Her behavior was that of a feral dog. After being with us a year and  making progress. Sherry hit a plateau. That is when her amazing foster mom stepped up to help. She has been with her now for the better part of 2 years and has come so far.







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