Pheona Female

Breed : Rat terrier
Age : 12

Pheona is  rat  terrier  we estimate to be approx 14 years old . She weighs 15 lbs .
She is nervous around new people and  prefers to get to know you before you approach and try to touch her. She has bitten those who push to hard when they meet her. She bit us during a vet exam. She will require a lot of patience. Once she trusts you she’s very sweet 90 percent of the time. She loves to be outside observing the world from afar and rolling in the grass. She will do best in a very quiet, single family home with her own yard.

Pheona prefers to be the only pet in your life. She  will do  best in a quiet home as an only child and without small children as she has not been well socialized during her life.




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