Hercules is an 8 year old rat terrier mix. He loves to play with his toys, and race around the yard with the other dogs. He doesn’t like all strangers, but once he gets to know you he is a loving boy


Santa is a handsome 9 year old rat terrier mix in good health. He is well mannered and very easy going.  He is timid when you go to pick him up but will be submissive vs aggressive.
He is good with other small dogs but can definitely be bossy at times , mostly  when it comes to food. He can be vocal and his bark sounds like he  is a seal.  He’s a good guard dog as he will bark when a stranger approached.  He probably would not be a great fit in a condo/apartment. He does have good house manners and minds well.


Sweet Pinto , an approximately 12 year old chihuahua, came to us late December 2021 very ill and emaciated . We worried if  he would survive . Not only did he survive he is thriving ! He has found his confidence once again and has learned to trust. he gets along well with other small dogs.






Francesca is an adorable chihuahua mix

While she loves pets,on her terms and is very well mannered and house trained  , she is nervous when you try to pick her up and bites , if only we knew what happened to her to make her this way.  She will need someone with the patience and understanding as she gets to know you , on her terms .


Salty is a 7 year old chihuahua mix . She’s nervous around strangers and may bite but once she trusts you she’s a sweet girl.
She gets along well with other dogs. She would do best in a quiet home with no small children and a lot of patience.



Rocky is a 6 lb , 12-13 year old chihuahua who is very sweet once he gets to know you . He is in good health. He would do great in a quiet home with no small children. He gets along with most other small dogs. Of fact he has a favorite here he loves to cuddle with and groom. He loves to go on long walks with his person and he will leave “messages” everywhere .
He would do well in a quiet home without small children.


milo is an adorable chihuahua mix , with the cutest underbite

he was adopted 2 years ago , but – due to no fault of his own- he was recently returned to us . He is a bit Leary if strangers , so he will do best in a quiet home with a private yard and someone to work on  socializing him more . With a little patience and a lot of love Milo would be a wonderful companion for a single person as he prefers to love only one person at a time




Pheona is  rat  terrier  we estimate to be approx 14 years old . She weighs 15 lbs .
She is nervous around new people and  prefers to get to know you before you approach and try to touch her. She has bitten those who push to hard when they meet her. She bit us during a vet exam. She will require a lot of patience. Once she trusts you she’s very sweet 90 percent of the time. She loves to be outside observing the world from afar and rolling in the grass. She will do best in a very quiet, single family home with her own yard.

Pheona prefers to be the only pet in your life. She  will do  best in a quiet home as an only child and without small children as she has not been well socialized during her life.